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Think that you may have a virus or just want a clean bill of health?

Check your system for free using Trend Micro's HouseCall virus scanning service!
Just click on the HouseCall logo to get your free checkup!

The free utility takes awhile to download and install so be patient!

Better yet, subscribe to KASINET's ScanVirus and SPAM SIEVE filters!

KASINET's ScanVirus filter does all the hard work for you, filtering out viruses both incoming and outgoing through your mailbox. You never have to remember to update your virus definitions again as our service automatically updates at the mail server level every 15 minutes! As an added free bonus to paid ScanVirus subscribers, KASINET can also filter out a vast majority of the SPAM (unsolicited bulk e-mail) which seems to be on the increase these days. For just $2/month/mailbox let KASINET provide you with virus free e-mail. This service is also available to clients who are not current KASINET subscribers for just $24/year.

Send mail to sysop@ks-usa.net with questions or comments about this service.
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