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Gateway to Sweden

Valkommen to Lindsborg!Svensk Hyllningsfest

Lindsborg, Kansas

Bethany College

Swedish Embassy

Being here in Lindsborg and experiencing the Hyllningsfest has no doubt whetted your appetite for all things Swedish. The Internet offers many unique ways to explore and learn more about Sweden, its customs, and its people. Here are a few sites to get you started on your exploring. If you don't have a computer or an Internet account, many local libraries now have computers that their patrons can use. There are also Internet cafes opening in many cities.

All of the Web sites are in English unless otherwise stated.


Embassy of Sweden, Washington D.C.


This is the official Web site of Sweden's embassy in Washington, D.C. Of particular interest is their calendar listing Swedish-related events throughout the United States.

Radio Sweden


A written version of Radio Sweden's English news broadcast. There are also links to listen to it with the RealAudio software. A brief weather report is available for several Swedish locations.

Swedish Costume History


Some historical information on the history of Swedish costumes.

Swedish Information Sites


These sites are a source of information in English on Sweden, its provinces, nature, culture, society, and industry. The second site listed has a link to tracing Swedish roots.

Dalecarlian (Dala) Horse History


An interesting site that tells about the beginning of the Dala horse, the horse as a symbol, the Dalecarlian paintings, and how they became popular the world over. There are pictures and details of the Dala horses being made in Sweden today.

Swedish Songs


This site has the words to some well-known Swedish songs in both English and Swedish.


These sites have MIDI files of music to download.


This site has links to Swedish music websites.

Royal Court of Sweden


This site contains information about the royal court, the royal family, the palaces, and the economy.

Svenska Akademien


This site is in Swedish, but is very easy to use. It is a listing of all the months. Click on the present month and it brings up a list of all the names for each day and any holidays that might occur.

Viking Navy


This site is about Viking ship reconstruction and includes many pictures, a gift shop, and information.

Medieval Scandinavia


This website is primarily about the Scandinavian past history and one family's genealogy, but a lot more exists here. There is information on the Viking legacy, the historic regality of Scandinavia, the history of Hadeland Glassverk, old measurements, national costumes, stave churches, and local archaeology.

Viking Voyage 1000 -
The Vikings are coming again!


In the summer of 1998, twelve daring men set sail from the rocky coast of Greenland in Snorri, an authentic replica of a Viking knarr. They were determined to recreate Leif Eriksson's historic voyage from Greenland to Newfoundland of 1,000 years ago. This site traces their voyage in words and pictures.

Viking Voyage 1000 - Viking Lore


This site is a story about Viking lore.

Swedish Recipes


Two sites that contain Swedish recipes.



This wonderful site is a Swedish to English or English to Swedish dictionary. Very easy to use.

Swedish Newpapers in English


Some Swedish newspapers in English.

Directory and Complete Guide to Sweden


This site offers e-mail, links, weather, shopping, and facts about Sweden.

Swedish Postal Service


Stamp collectors will find this site interesting. Even if you are not a collector, you will enjoy the beautiful stamps made in Sweden.

Swedish Names


Here is a lesson on Swedish names and some translations as to what some names mean in English.

Church of Sweden


The Church of Sweden's homepage.



Unfortunately, this site is in Swedish only, but I added it because Munkfors is our sister-city.

The Real Group


Homepage for the acappella jazz group, The Real Group. They are from Sweden and performed here at Presser Hall in 1994. Their concert was a great success. All of their CD's may be purchased locally.

Roger's Swedish Corner in the Tropics


An extensive list of Swedish links.



All you ever wanted to know about Vikings.

The Northerner


The world's largest Scandinavian shop of food, special travel, crafts, and gifts. Explore more than 3000 items from the best producers in the region. They ship worldwide directly from Scandinavia.

Lindsborg's Main Page


No list would be complete without "Little Sweden's" homepage. From the comfort of your home you can learn more about Lindsborg and keep track of our upcoming festivals and events. It will be a great help in planning your trip here.

Compiled by Julieann Richardson Neywick

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 Last modified on 30 Jan 2001