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Welcome to the Kansas Data home page.

On Sunday evening, April 11, 2021, our email server RAID crashed.
Transfer of email services to a new platform in a secure data center has successfully been executed. New mail traffic was back up and flowing by 8 PM on Monday, April 12.
Some account setting changes will be necessary in your email program. They are outlined below:
Your user name will have to be your entire email address. If it doesn't already include "@ks-usa.net", please add it.
DON"T MESS WIH YOUR PASSWORD. It has been automatically transferred to the new platform.
The incoming mail server is now ks-usa.cityemail.com
If you use POP protocol, please change the port to 995,
If IMAP, the port must be changed to 993
Enable SSL encryption
The outgoing mail server is now ks-usa.cityemail.com
The outgoing mail port is now 587
The encryption should be TLS or auto or secure
Check the box for require authentication before sending email
If you still have problems, call me at 785-227-5335. I will be busy with tech support today!
Please note: if you previously downloaded your email, it should be available on your own computer.
If you stored it on our server, it is not yet available.
Our priority is now getting all current emails flowing.
Access to older stored emails will take some recovery time. Please be patient with us.
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Available services:

Internet Access

Web Site Hosting

Web Site Development

For details regarding our offerings, go to Schedule of Services


Kansas Data Inc provides state-of-the-art email filtering and web-site hosting services.

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Contact Information

(785) 227-5335
Postal address
2193 14th Ave. McPherson, KS 67460-8019
Electronic mail
General Information: sysop@ks-usa.net
Sales: connect@ks-usa.net
Customer Support: techsupport@ks-usa.net
Webmaster: sysop@ks-usa.net

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Send mail to sysop@ks-usa.net with questions or comments about this web site.
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