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Web Changes


This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.


30 December 2004 ----  Activation of new wireless access point at Windom COOP Elevator

20 December 2004 ----  Activated new wireless access point at Bridgeport COOP Elevator

26 December 2003 ----  Launched phenomenally effective 3rd generation spam blocking server

December 2003 ----  Activated new wireless access points at Marquette COOP and Hilton Elevator.

17-19 October 2003 ----  Worldwide live Webcam coverage of 2003 Lindsborg Hyllningsfest

August 2003 ----  Activated 3rd wireless access point at Lindsborg Veterinary Hospital

March 2003 ----  Activated new wireless access point at Marquette Water Tower

January 2003 ----  Increase from 80 hours to 100 hours for $20-per-month dial-up customers.

January 2003 ----  Launched SportsKansas live sports webcasting.

October 2002 ----  Launched NetBackup service.

September 2002 ----  Live streaming of KNGL/KBBE Bethany College sports broadcasts begins.

22 July 2002 ----  Web site hosting rates announced.

15 June 2002 ----  Wireless Webcam service launched for live event coverage in McPherson and Lindsborg communities, other areas may be available. Call for details

25 May 2002 ----  "My Account" interface is implemented

2 May 2002 ----  ModusMail server implemented with sophisticated virus and SPAM filtering

20 March 2002 ----  McPherson 56K dial-up lines expanded 50%

1 February 2002 ----  McPherson high speed wireless service launched from the Mid-Kansas Coop Maple St elevator (172' elevation)

25 January 2002 ----  McPherson to Lindsborg high speed wireless backbone activated

10 December 2001 ----  KASIMail active virus filter implemented

29 November 2001 ----  Lindsborg South MidKansas Co-Op grain elevator tower wireless access point activated

10 November 2001 ----  Lindsborg high speed wireless launched with impressive performance from water tower access point.

9 November 2001 ----  Johnstown tower high speed wireless base station and access point activated

5 November 2001 ----  McPherson and Lindsborg 56K dial-up upgraded to Supertrunk service.

27 January 2001 ----  KASINET OnLine Statement (KASIbalance) utility launched to provide customers with user friendly method of checking their account balance at any time of day or night.

December 2000 ----  McPherson, KS POP launched with 56K dial-up service.

6 March 2000 ----  Lindsborg, KS POP adds 4 more trunks.

22 February 2000 ----  Lindsborg, KS POP adds two more trunks.

4 January 2000 ----  Lindsborg, KS dial-up service upgraded to high speed 56K v.90 w/K56Flex compatibility. Added two trunks.

10 July 1999 ----  KASINET announces *free* Public Service Internet Demo account program.
*limited to a 5 minute free session for prospective subscribers wishing to evaluate the KASINET Connection.
"Demo" account access may also be used by travelers needing to check their e-mail while in transit through Kansas.
KASINET reserves the right to restrict or terminate the "Demo" program at any time and at its sole discretion.
KASINET Quality Of Service standards do not apply to "Demo" accounts, requires full compliance with acceptable use policy.

4 July 1999 ----  KASINET announces Quality of Service standards for dial-up service, including minimum 99.5% reliability, few or no busy signals during peak periods.

2 July 1999 ----  KASINET launches Friends are Golden referral program earning subscribers free Internet credits.

1 July 1999 ---- Salina, KS dial-up service begins with (23) 56K dial-up lines and ISDN connectivity.

1 July 1999 ---- KASINET increases on-line user times. See new rate schedule

23 Jun 98  ----  Check out our new, improved account usage reporting utility, KASImeter.

14 May 98  ----  KASINET dial-up users can now view their account usage using the new KASIMeter.

KASINET is growing.... New customers are getting connected every day....
For a look at some of the fine Web sites that KASINET is hosting click here.

Comments that KASINET has received include:
"KASImeter™ is cool!"
"I've never had a busy signal yet"
"This is the kind of bandwidth performance, and dependable connection that I've been waiting for!"
"My E-Mail works great, downloads are fast"
"Thanks for getting us connected"
"Very pleased with the Web site you created for us"

With what KASINET has to offer, folks are enjoying their Internet experience.

KASINET was implemented with a very simple premise...... Offer outstanding service with uncompromising quality at a reasonable price.

Initially, new subscribers sometimes ask, "Why don't you offer unlimited connect time?"
Our answer is simple.....We want to provide quick, reliable connections to our paying customers.
Metering access helps ensure that phone lines are freed when not actively in use, so that others may connect.

A few humorous thoughts regarding "Why I like unlimited Internet access."

1. "My 56K modem can download their busy signal twice as fast."
2. "I have unlimited time to download files that take forever to download."
3. "You can go shopping downtown and when you return, your computer is still hogging the line."
4. "I am waiting for E-mail notification that I've won the Sweepstakes!"



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